Monday, January 4, 2016

Ain't it funny (Politically incorrect)

Ain't it funny how you ask a brother about his secret recipe for success and he tells you "Hardwork".
Really? we both know you sling dope. How you gon' tell me your recipe is hardwork when you don't put in that 9 to 5? Hell no bro, your profit margin for a week is my gross for a year, so to hell with hardwork!

Ain't it funny how "Black Lives Matter" when a black man is shot by a white man and yet don't matter much when the color code is uniform. Folks are getting popped by the hour in Chicago, yet the media and the activists don't seem to be bothered much. Don't preach to me about systemic profiling, if Tyrone was popped by Daquan and Daquan got popped by Jamal, something ain't right.We ought to hit the streets and demand that change happens.

Ain't it funny how strippers and video vixens are villified for twerking, labeled "trashy" and sneered at, yet if Queen B drops a twerking video, we'all be like "Classy", "Touche", "Artistic".

Ain't it funny how it is racist when a white fella uses the word "nigga" while spitting bars, but its cool when another black folk uses it. Really, they ain't allowed to use it, but we are bcos we have the right shade?

Ain't it funny how a rich kid can knock down a few beers, hit the road and run over a few fellas, jump into court and roll out with no conviction, all because of Affluenza, a vaccine rich folks fail to administer to their kids. Really? Tyrone knocked down a shot of Henny, hopped into this hoopty and ran into a pole, pole didn't complain yet home boy got hit with a DUI and 60 days in the slammer even though he flashed his "I ain't got no dad/role model" badge.

Ain't it funny how the pastor has the most money, rocks a private jet and flashy cars and yet folks in his congregation struggle to pay their rent. "Jesus wants us to be rich", he says. Really? Since you are Jesus spokesman here on earth, why don't you do us all a solid and give all you have to the poor folks in your church. Don't confuse Jesus with Solomon bro, you don't need that private jet.

Ain't it funny how we christian folks pay our tithe but can't feed the hungry? How we pray for God's help and guidance while breaking the law? How we condemn the mistakes of others and pass off our shortcomings as mistakes?