Friday, August 19, 2011

Idle chatter

Meckzyville, Perez Drive, Newark NJ.

Kyla's birthday is tomorrow. Exactly @ this time 1year ago, I was struggling to stay awake, while trying to keep a virtual vigil as my sister went into labor far away in Pennsylvania. I ended up sleeping in the foetal position, when I woke up a couple of hours later, I was an uncle. Twas a turning point in my life. Since then I've been on a "fatherhood internship", learning how to change diapers, babysitting, feeding the baby et al. Tis a humbling experience being a father, not that I have a child of my own but i'm kinda tapping into the experience by proxy (if that means anything, lol)

Life has been a mini whirlwind. My sisters are in town (yipee), though Raekhi has headed off to Houston. Gotta start including Houston in my travel plans, so if u have a Texas zip code, hola at me when I come thru. There are still a few travel destinations scheduled before the year runs out, keeping my fingers crossed. My best friend got married last week and I was his bestman, twas a beautiful event. My weekend schedule is fully booked till mid October, can't figure out how that happened. Seems like I spend alot of time in a vicious work cycle, luckily for me, English Premiership and the NFL have commenced, so I have something to look forward to.

Idle chatter...I need to catch up on a lot of movies, itz been ages since I've been to the cinema. Been looking for my house keys for 2 weeks and during my search, i've turned my house upside down, discovering a few odd lost items in the process, won't reveal all of them here. Still have alot of targets to meet before the year runs out, running outta time. Life is gradually settling into a rhythm, dunno if I need a spark or not, tis easy to become complacent. Need to take part in a couple of mind-blowing activities before the year runs out, dunno what yet, beginning to lose my edge, lol.

Life has taught me to be thankful for everything, so I've learnt not to worry about the future, I'm always happy, not because I have all that I want or all that I need, but simply because I'm alive...Back to la vida loca.

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