Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ides of March...44 B.C.

Julius Caesar was bigger than life, legendary while he was alive and still an unforgotten memory even in death. The Ides of March (not the movie) commemorates the day of his assasination, many many years ago. Legend has it that Caesar was warned about his impending death by a seer, but as expected, he shrugged it off...He never expected it. Fastforward a few thousand years and try to recreate the scenario...Seers and 'prophets' have been replaced by Military intelligence and sophisticated espionage, just the idea that a leader "could" be killed is enough to trigger panic mode. In some parts of the world, rumors of treason alone would spell death for the opposition, #daysofabacha...Anyway Caesar was betrayed his own people, I guess the last straw for him was seeing Brutus amongst his killers...
"his heart bled, not from the sharp sting of the blade, but torn apart by the darkness of betrayal..."

The weather has been stunning lately, somedays I glance outside the window, and I am surprised to see the sun blushing in the sky, almost ashamed to be caught exposing its radiance in the clouds before the nudity of summer. The apprehension never leaves me though, I close my eyes and expect snow drops to betray the arrogance of the beautiful weather, but it never happens...So my tentative thots are emboldened each passing day, like Caesar, I stride out of my house clad in summer clothes, casting no glances at the weather forecast, surely the sun's embrace awaits me each day, for the winter that never was will not return to betray us all...

One more thing, I watched "For Colored Girls" last night for the first time, safely cocooned in the dark embrace of my couch, emotions sinking with each word and teardrop on the screen. The movie was deep, and wasn't meant for men. Not all men are without souls, the message was true but there are still a few good folks out there. A woman's pain is deeper than words can paint, a man is not capable of such emotional depth..."You can't love somebody with that much hurt in them" One truth I've learnt in life is that the only person responsible for your happiness is U, don't depend on anyone else to be happy.

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