Friday, February 8, 2013


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Ages since my hands dabbled with the pen or since I inked the thoughts of my mind with letters. Alas, the hands of time have spun out of control, the seconds clambering over each other in haste to form minutes and then hours. Whither has the first month gone? 31 days, vanished like thoughts that never existed. Glancing back over my shoulder, I can't seem to track the beginning of the year or how we got to February. The mystery of the passage of time still remains unresolved, like the blackout on Superbowl Sunday. Permit my mind to drift, what really happened to the power? Surely, the rigorous gyrations of Beyonce's waist couldn't have triggered a power cut. Considering the coincidental nature of SanFran's non-existence play and the timing of the power cut, I'm tempted to believe that voodoo may have been a factor, New Orleans does have its history. Or better still, the Government was trying to make budget cuts and power happened to be in lower standing compared to Defence spending.

Considering that 2013 is speeding along like a roller coaster, I'm a bit behind on targets and plans for the year. But that's the funny thing about life, we get so carried away by the rhythm of living that we forget our dreams. I stumbled on a video online that has unconsciously given me the spark I need for this year. One particular phrase caught my attention, "sometimes in life, sight can be a have to be blind, in order to be focused". That has been the bane of man's existence, time management. This year, my plan is to do a few things differently, no more flowing with the tide of life. Every man has to pause at a point in his life and re-evaluate and assess himself. We all need to ask a few inward questions: What are the things that matter most to me ?(Health, Family, Career...) Then we need to figure out how much of our current time we devote to those key areas we have identified. If you discover that you are not spending quality time on the things you consider most important, then there has to be a change.
This year, the dream is to be focused, no more excuses for failure. 2013 starts today, Happy New Year (belated)

A big shout out to all readers of this blog.


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    1. Myne!!! happy new year o! We made it, to hell with the Mayans! Biko nominate me for Man Eye Candy on your blog na, I have spiritual six packs o, I claim it by faith. All those men you are showing us have money and status, mention struggling folks like us na. I have candy stickers on my spectacles! :)