Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marriage Diary

Evolution of a bachelor to a husband

1. Putting the toilet seat down.
2. Waiting happily for her to finish dressing, while admiring the beauty of God's craftmanship.
3. Waiting for her to pick what she'll wear so that you can coordinate colors.
4. Getting used to saying "my wife said.../meet my wife...". Never knew the word "wife" could taste so sweet.
5. Going to zumba class with Mrs E, as a show of support. (Yes I did, I was the only guy there, lol)
6. Coming home early from work/having someone to come home to.
7. Watching a whole season of  "Grey's Anatomy" or some random series with Mrs E instead of watching the NBA finals. Also, heaping insults on Olivia Pope in Scandal, how can she be sleeping with a married man, what rubbish!
8. Missing soccer for a walk in the park. (Wow, never thought that could happen, lol)
9. Taking lunch to work and coming home to a warm meal. My wife is an excellent cook!
10. A "goodbye honey/have a wonderful day" kiss in the morning...

Marriage is a beautiful thing, maybe the best thing in life.

No wonder Adam took the apple from Eve without hesitation, I'll would have eaten the whole apple tree for Mrs E.

Ruben Studdard (Flying without wings)
"Everybody's looking for that something...
One thing that makes it all complete...

You'll find it in the strangest places...

Places you never knew it could be...
Some find it in the face of their children...

Some find it in their lover's eyes...

Who can deny the joy it brings...

When you've found that special thing...

You're flying without wings..."

You are the place my life begins, and you'll be where it ends. Te amor!


  1. Love with Marriage is the sweetest, I tell you. Enjoyed this love. May your love last forever :)

    1. Myne! Thanks a million! Now I understand what you and Atala have been enjoying! :)

  2. Yeah I also think Love+Marriage is a beautiful thing.
    No 1 got me cracking up....

  3. Ok oh! When we experience ours, we'd turn to poets and create our list of new life styles but for the now, enjoying singlehood jor :p


  4. This is so sweet, happy married life, wishin you many more years of bliss.

  5. I really loved reading this, I want to see more posts on the good and the challenges :)

  6. This is too freaking cute! I love to see a man who appreciates marriage. Best of luck to you and the Mrs. May you continue to enjoy and reap the fruits of marriage.

  7. Thanks people! I appreciate the love!

  8. Belated warm wedding wishes. This is so sweet! I'm sure she is as happy to have you in her life as you are. I remember your comments which show how 'home broken you are' lol. that's all we women want.

    God's blessings!!