Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 kickoff

Happy New Year (belated) everyone! It kinda feels like I abandoned my blog, time is a precious commodity nowadays. 2014 was a wonderful year, I'm forever grateful to God for all the blessings. I'm now a papa (yay!!!), and my little angel is turning 9 months in a few days (they grow quickly!). She looks just like her beautiful mama :)

Life has been good and I've been blessed beyond measure. If you are reading this and things aren't so rosy for you right now, just hang in there. God ain't asleep, He sees you and understands your pain and struggle. Remain hopeful and positive, each day presents a new opportunity. My new year resolution for 2015 is "to embrace every opportunity to be better". Each new day is an opportunity to be a better man, husband, father, neighbor, christian, brother, friend...You get the drift. Every morning, make up your mind to be better at one thing, it could be a simple act of kindness shown to a stranger, or calling a long lost friend or family member or spending an extra hour pursuing your passion. Just embrace the opportunity each new day brings. And if you think the day doesn't present any new opportunities, create one. We ain't giving excuses this year, gotta take ownership of your happiness and live life!

Felt good to get that off my chest.

Coco has been worrying about either putting lil Neso in a daycare or getting a stay-at-home nanny, the thought keeps me up at night too. But now she is about to resume work, tough decisions have to be made. People in Naija don't know how lucky they are, having a support system to fall back on to raise a kid. This Yankee life ain't all peaches and cream. You make a tonne of money and you spend a tonne of money, that's how the story goes. Daycare or Nanny-care fees can make you blink a few times, chai. But the money isn't so much the concern as the quality of care, deep down you just want your child to be well-taken care of while you are at work. And honestly speaking, if it isn't me or wifey or a close family member looking after baby, my mind isn't at ease. Oh well, something's gotta give.

Did I mention that having a baby can cramp your style when it comes to having fun? Let me put it this way, once baby arrives, fun goes out of the window. There's no better way to describe it. We went to Punta Cana for a vacay, baby came along :) It was fun and beautiful BUT imagine how much more exciting it could have been if we had someone watching baby, u feel me abi? This year there are a few travel spots on the list: Cancun, Tel Aviv,  Athens/Santorini, or even Las Gidi (hopefully Naija doesn't explode after the election). Baby is gonna tag along on any trip we take, gotta take advantage of the zero fare for children under 2.

Finally, I know this post is totally random, but I just had to 'resurrect' the blog, my previous posts were rather impersonal. I've been 'blogging' alot in my head, but I just haven't had the chance to put everything down. I'll release the "Diaper Diaries" book someday, it chronicles everything from when baby was conceived till present. Shout out to all my followers, all my friends and everyone out there.

NB: Elections in Naija are just around the corner and I have to admit that I'm nervous. Last night I watched a movie "Conspiracy". It basically shows how the Nazis arrived at the 'final solution' for jews during World War 2. It is a chilling movie, very chilling. I hope something is done about Boko Haram asap. Because I just can't understand how people would calmly decide to kill innocent women and children without thought. But then after watching the Conspiracy movie, you understand the term "the banality of evil".

Live, love and be happy...

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