Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Revolution and the Social Network

The movie "Schindler's List" changed my life. Maybe not literally but it did transform my perspective of life. I've learnt to be frugal with myself but extravagant in charity and philantropy, cos you never really understand the impact you can have in someone's life. I'm happy when the people I love are happy, I am happy when my friends are happy. And if I can I in my own little way positively impact someone's life, then I'd be delirious with joy. That's why I respect the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, individuals who have dedicated their wealth to positive goals. I am not asking anyone to be altruistic in any way, but if we all reached out and helped someone else, even if itz just one person, then the world would be a much better place..."Pay it forward"

The recent events in Egypt and Tunisia got me wondering...What actually triggers a revolution? I've always believed that it takes a single monumental act of madness (Biafra) or defiance (MLK & the Civil Rights Movement) for the dam to break. But the status quo in Tunisia and Egypy caught me by surprise. I wouldnt peg it as a reaction borne out of frustration or years of inaction, on the other hand, I'd rather point a finger and say this was a rebellion fuelled by the power of the social network and the media. The power of the social network as a tool for revolution cannot be ignored, Blackberry, Facebook, Twitter...itz so easy to start a wild fire nowadays! No need to call a crowd and broadcast an " I have a dream" speech, no need to instigate an uprising by demanding access to the media, Facebook and Twitter fuelled with the efficacy of BB and other smartphones makes it easy to start a revolution in minutes. Sometimes, it scares me...The inherent power in those little devices is incredulous...

The next step is still cloudy? Tunisia settled theirs pretty quickly, Egypt is still trapped in the throes of revolution fire, gradually ebbing out as the days go by or maybe coming to a climax in a few days. The worrisome situation however is in Ivory Coast...2 presidents in one country, no revolution, no resolution, just an uncomfortable impasse that doesnt seem to have an end in sight. Who knows, maybe if Ivory Coast had a significant social network footprint, things would have been different...who knows? Anyway, I still wonder if there'll be a similar trend in Nigeria, a social network fuelled revolution may be disrupted easily by NEPA/PHCN. After all, you can only send messages if your phone battery aint dead, #justsaying#...

Who knows? Future election results may be announced on Facebook and Twitter..."The Electoral Board Chairman just tweeted that XYZ won the Presidential Elections / He also sent the details of the results to CNN's inbox via Facebook / To see the complete results, please follow the Electoral Board Chairman on Twitter and become a fan of CNN on Facebook/ And by the way, add me on BBM..."

Disclaimer: This blog is not a political tool, the views expressed therein are strictly fictitious and solely the imaginations of the writer...random thoughts that seep into his subconscious when he isnt daydreaming about Coco...mental nirvana

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