Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow & Religion...

Been back in Brick City for 2 weeks now and I sure do miss the fatherland. First of all, it has snowed 3 times since I got back and frankly speaking, I am getting quite tired of the white powder falling from the skies. In Abuja, the weather was perfect, in Lagos it was humid but it was made beautiful by Coco. But here in Brick city, all you see is mound upon mound of snow. Thank God there are people paid to shovel the driveway, else I'd be suffering weather induced arthritic pain by now. Anyway the weather got me thinking...What if it snowed in Nigeria?

Seriously, what if it snowed in Nigeria? Would we be extinct? It is no secret that africans arent big fans of cold weather. Kinda reinforces my belief that Adam and Eve were Africans and that the Garden of Eden was either somewhere in Egypt or Calabar. How else can you explain how Adam and Eve lounged in Eden without clothes till Eve introduced us to haute couture with her designer clothes from leaves after the fall of man. The weather must have been pretty excellent all year round and don't go preaching to me about the possibility of it being summer time! The apple? Adam ate the last one, that's why we import them to Africa nowadays. Okay, I am straying from the subject matter (lol).

What if it snowed in Nigeria? How would we cope? Our meterologist departments can't even predict the weather, they rely on CNN!What would happen to the homeless people? Surely half of them would be wiped out by the weather! Then come to think of it, if there is no power/light (thanks to NEPA/PHCN), those living in houses wouldnt be exempt! How would we heat our houses when we arent even sure of electricity to charge our cell phones? Who would clear the roads after the snowstorms? Trust me, that is a key issue. New York and New Jersey were grounded for almost 2days after the christmas day blizzard last year. But let's not dwell too much on the negativity of the picture. As africans we have been known to survive even in the toughest of climates. On the positive side, if it did snow in 9ja, we'd be looking at thousands of new jobs created! "How?" you may ask? Simple! There would be thousands of jobless folks eager to clear your driveway for less than what the Hispanics charge ( no disrespect to the Hispanic community). And I can definitely assure you that our ingenious Nigerians would find a suitable way either to process the snow and sell it! Also, we wouldnt have to worry about our spoilt food, hot drinks and such. All u gotta do is stick in the snow! Alright, I am beginning to sound really wacko (lol)

The truth is the fact that it doesnt snow in 9ja reinforces my belief in God. You gotta agree that there has to be a Higher Power who understands our inadequacies and spares us the temptation of burdens we cannot bear. So if it did snow in 9ja, NEPA would either be transformed by some divine measure or we'd figure out a way to harness electricity and heat from the snow itself!

On a side note:
Just got back from the cinema after viewing the premiere of Anthony Hopkins' new flick "The Rite". I am a huge Anthony Hopkins fan so I had to give the movie a shot. My reviews? The movie was disappointing! There was nothing new about the script. If you have seen "The Exorcist" or any movie in that trend, then "The Rite" is definitely a below average movie. And can someone please explain to me why people who don't believe in God feel such a need to make movies about religious beliefs? C'mon Anthony Hopkins! I expected alot better! U just cost me $13!


  1. If it snowed in 9ja, we will definitely be a better country.
    1. def less homeless ppl
    2. the energy/light issue would have been resolved
    3. more jobs - from the efficient energy sector, snow clearing. a few less jobs thou cos no more ice water industry.
    4. these +ves means a more efficient society which will be a +ve in other areas.


  2. Interesting, I don't know how feasible that would be sha. On paper, it looks practical, but there is one constant variable in Nigerian equations that wrecks everything: Corruption/Mismanagement. The snow might as well wipe us out!