Monday, January 17, 2011

Chronicles of the Fatherland...Chapter 4

The Latter Days

"I feel like I am floating through existence..."
"I feel like we are all following shadows...and shadows, they don't know where to go" ....Asa " I feel" from Beautiful Imperfection

The latter days went by like a dream. I toured Abuja to see the new spots and feel the pulse of the city. I did observe that the price of many items had sky rocketed since I left. Cafe 24 is a nice spot to hang out but there drinks are ridiculously over priced. Sometimes I wonder how people living in Abuja afford to hang out at some of these spots, they must be well paid! I didnt mind spending my money cos I have always looked forward to coming home, but I did wonder about the other people who frequented the place. Well, I satisfied my thirst for Nigerian food... For excellent cuisine I recommend Melting Pot and Aunty Ajobi's kitchen ( if u are looking for Nigerian food). City Park is a pleasant place to hang out with friends when you don't want to spend up to 20grand. I visited the Silverbird Galleria but it felt so boring that I left after 30minutes. Someday I'll blog about the western influence in Nigeria and its effect. Sometimes we africans try to copy concepts not suited to our environment and we end up making a fool of ourselves! The Dome was pretty pleasant, the garden was serene and the bowling and billiards wasnt so bad, nice cuisine too. There are many young folks in Abuja now, I observed that the new fashion trend was for guys to rock geek glasses ( everyone is copying the Kanye West look) and it was easy to notice that all the young chaps dressed like musicians on MTV ( hilarious ). I am not an expert on women fashion so i can't really describe their look but it didnt look as outlandish as the guys! The city did feel cosmopolitan, and there was a new found energy I had never seen before. Nigeria is a really beautiful place, sometimes I weep at how we permit our inefficiencies to dominate our beauty. There is so much potential here but years of neglect, mismanagement and negative thinking is holding us hostage. Anyway, I aint a political analyst, so i'll refrain from commenting on our issues. Ah hah, I found the spot with the best barbecued catfish ever! Absolutely sublime and heavenly...

The Wedding
"Have u ever heard of a dreamer in a world so far away"
"Baby Baby, close ur eyes, life's okay"
"I dream of love, will come my way..." Asa "Dreamer Girl"....from Beautiful Imperfection

One of the reasons why I came back was to attend a friend's wedding. I was listed as one of the groom's men so it meant that I had to wear a suit! (lol). Some old friends from Uniport came to Abuja for the wedding so it was a very pleasant reunion. Itz funny how time flies! We traded gossip on who had gotten married and wondered aloud at why they 'rushed' into marriage (typical male gossip), there was always a conspiracy theory somewhere (lol). Over drinks, pepper soup and barbecued fish, different stories were told... The debates and gists ranged from recent marriages, failed relationships, rumoured relationships, sports, work, the state of Nigeria, the past and incoherent and unintelligible alcohol induced gist! Anyway, the wedding was beautiful, the bride was stunning and the groom held his own. Yours sincerely was smoothly navigating the whole occassion and taking notes as well. I do know that one of the reasons why I'll agree to attend a wedding is so I can take notes on how mine will be organized! (lol, selfish!) Though itz still a few years away, I want it to be as perfect as possible ( wink wink). One interesting part of the wedding reception was the bouquet toss! There were so many beautiful ladies eagerly waiting to catch the bouquet, I wondered how it was possible for all of them to be single! But truly, they were all single. Definitely something to blog about. Why are there so many single ladies? Is it that men don't want to get married or that the ladies don't want to marry the men out there? I really do not know. There are different perspectives to it I guess. I am not the best person to answer that question cos I am still single ( for now, wink wink). Anyway, a lucky girl caught the bouquet, you could see the looks of envy cast her way by the unlucky ones, dangerous looks masked by plastic smiles. I really do pray that all the single ladies find their right partner someday. Nobody should be alone. I played my role at the wedding, took pictures, smiled for the camera and went home happy. Confirmed my ticket to Las Gidi, yipee!

Las Gidi
" I woke up this morning, you were the first thing on my mind..." India Arie "Can I walk with u"

" Many days I have longed for you, wanting you, hoping for the chance to get to know you..."
" Love, those who have faith in you sometimes go astray..." Musiqsoulchild "Love"

I have never really figured out how Lagos came to be known as "Las Gidi" by some people in the States. But the name definitely sounds interesting. I came to Lagos on a mission, a secret known only to few people (lol). Actually, I came to do something I should have done many years ago but never had the courage to do. Maybe, back then the time wasnt right, or I wasnt ready or I didnt know what I wanted. Whatever the reason may have been, I do believe in destiny..."Que sera sera". I came to Lagos in search of Eldorado...I'll tell u the tale someday...

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