Monday, January 17, 2011

Chronicles of the Fatherland...Chapter 2

Day 2
"How do people get so busy, they don't find time to love?..." Asa " Questions" from Beautiful Imperfection

Woke up in Frankfurt, viva Deutschland! The first leg of the flight was pretty smooth, except for my ear drums popping as usual when we began our descent. I quickly got off the plane, expressed my gratitude to the air hostesses and bade them farewell. The Frankfurt terminal was well organized, I found a spot to relax and wait for my connecting flight to the fatherland. Hunger crept in like a long lost lover, so I decided to hunt for some food. I settled on a "frankfurter" in my quest to be cosmopolitan enough to try the local cuisine. How do I describe this, the frankfurter was hogwash, absolute bollocks (as my friends in the UK would say) and the hot chocolate was as tepid and bland as Miami raindrops! And I paid 8 Euro for it, absolutely ridiculous! I swore to myself that I'd endure a temporary period of fasting when next I was in Frankfurt.

In an attempt to pacify my aggrieved tastebuds, I went in search of visionary diversions to appease my senses. My first destination was a jewellery store, my oh my! Swarovski gems, Rolex watches, Bvlgari...It was funny to observe the wishful expressions on the faces of the "window shoppers". You could almost hear the wistful sighs as their hearts sought what their wallets couldnt afford. Someday I will be able to comfortably afford the excesses of Swarovski and Bvlgari for my wife and kids ( Yes honey, I'll labour to get u all u desire!). Personally, I'ld feel uncomfortable to wear something that expensive, maybe itz because my father is an accountant, dunno, I just don't have an affinity for glamour, itz contrasting to my personality, I see myself more as a polished rock not a glittering diamond. Anyway, I nearly missed my connecting flight! Twas close, the terminal was changed and probably announced in German or so, I discovered this at the last minute! I dashed to the proper terminal in full flight and made it just in time. I bade Frankfurt farewell without a backward glance and set sail for the fatherland. With each passing minute, my heart beat faster, 3 long years were being rolled back. When we finally touched down in Abuja, I was giddy with anticipation. The first indication that we were in the fatherland was that while we queued up to get our passports stamped, a few "big men" were escorted to the front of the queue without any consideration for ordinary folks like us. I didnt mind anyway, I was too excited to care.

Made it through the gate and finally saw an entourage waiting for me. How best to describe it? " I was walking on air!" As usual everyone commented on how big I had grown ( I never really noticed it!) and we zoomed off in the car. As I hugged my folks, I didnt want to let go. I had waited 3 years for this, time froze as we hugged and for that brief moment, I was in paradise. What next? Food, gist and more gist till sleep swept us all away..."

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