Monday, January 17, 2011

Chronicles of the Fatherland...Chapter 1

"Woke up early this morning with a smile on my face..." Asa "Why Can't we" from Beautiful Imperfection

Day 1
I can feel the butterflies fluttering on my insides. I am not normally prone to display of emotions but I had to make an exception in this case. It has been 3 long years! I have dreamt about this moment, fantasized about the idea of waking up in the fatherland. Ah, the things we wish for while we sleep! Anyway, the first task at hand was to figure out how to pack my "load". Considering that I am an efficient professional, my personal items were limited to the things that were deemed necessary for survival: T-shirts, boxer shorts, jeans and cologne in reasonable quantities. Everything else could be purchased easily (Platinum VISA card all the way!). But, you all know the drill! Travelling to the fatherland implies that u turn to a courier for everyone else who has relatives back home. Dealt with the luggage issue at the airport and waited impatiently for the hours of the clock to hurry. Last minute calls to ballerina girl and a quick blast of Asa put me in my state of hallowed serenity cum euphoria and I was set to go. I did spare a glance for the Jersey skyline as the airplane slid smoothly in to the clouds, enroute to the fatherland.

Lufthansa service wasnt so bad, the meals were decent and the leg-room was okay. The in-flight entertainment? A good selection of movies and music. I selected Ben Affleck's "The Town". I had planned to watch it at the movies when it was initially released but kinda got swamped by work ( the travails of a hard-working dude!). Anyway the movie was nice, almost had slight throwbacks to "Heat", but personally I felt they could have done alot of better, felt like they held back on their creativity. My second selection was "Despicable Me". Excellent movie, I personally recommend it, a classic fusion of fun and creativity, kinda cast me back to my dreams of fatherhood. I really believe that I'd make an excellent father someday, I love kids and I will make sacrifices to put a smile on a child's face ( Okay, enuff of the mushy emotions). Flying across the Atlantic Ocean, drifting off to sleep in the clouds whilst listening to Norah Jones..."Come away with me"...

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