Monday, January 17, 2011

Chronicles of the Fatherland...Chapter 3

Day 3
"Baby, there's alot of things I want to say..."
"Baby Baby can we take a walk around the park?"...Asa "Be My Man" from Beautiful Imperfection

I woke up with a smile on my face! Guess what the first thing on my mind was...(wink wink), tis a secret I'll reveal later. The weather was heavenly! The dry harmattan feel fused with cool breeze...I slept in my old room and I have to admit that it did feel a little small after 3 yrs. But everything still looked and felt the same, brought back alot of memories...I used to lie awake in bed back then and dream about what the future held for me. My mind is a mini circus and my thoughts would run as far as 10 years into the future. I would wonder about marriage, about leaving the country, about having kids (lol, yeah, I did dream alot!)

Sleeping in my old bed made me feel younger and refreshed. It kinda reawakened old doors, but the difference this time was that my dreams were more organized and focused, the wild roses in my head had blossomed into a well trimmed garden. I spent the first day at home, reigniting old memories and laughing with a few friends who were aware of my arrival. Kyla and her mum came over, so I was reunited with babysitting. Kyla has grown so big and she has the cutest smile ever! That little cherub has definitely melted my heart.

I was also reminded of power outages (NEPA)...The funny part was that I didnt mind the power outage this time around. It felt rather comforting seeing all the lights go off without warning (lol). I do have my reasons of course. I have discovered that whenever there is power ( or light as we'd say in the fatherland), we spend alot of time as a family either watching TV, playing video games or idling away at our computers. The darkness in its ironic way tends to bring everyone together...For the first few minutes, we moan about how the Government has failed us and then the conversation gradually gravitates to how beautiful life was in the past and then everyone gets to spend hours together! So in a way, it does strenghten bonds in an abstract way (lol... not that I am advocating for NEPA to take the light all the time!)

Anyway, when NEPA struck, I mentioned that I didnt need the generator turned on, I wanted to savour the serenity of the night without the interruption of an artificial orchestra of generators. Many years ago, I spent many nights outside whenever NEPA struck, breathing in the cool air and staring up at the sky, watching the stars, whilst my mind floated...With my iPod playing softly nearby, it felt like an Arabian night...only one thing was missing though

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