Wednesday, July 28, 2010


July 28,2010

Nervousness is an expression of humanity. Thatz why I always feel that action movies are unreal because the protagonist barely shows any hint of unease before blowing everyone out of the screen. The beauty of feeling nervous is best described by the after effects of calm. Quivering lips, tight muscles, pinched nerves, replaced by a sense of "Why was I worried in the first place?". Relief basically floats on the same frequency as ecstasy. It is simply too cryptic to explain...

So I stepped into a new car this week and I felt at home. Little wonder I felt barely any emotion when my old battle-scarred hoopty was murdered on the sidewalk.I don't feel any guilt, just a sense of liberation and freedom...and a little nervous. Camry was my first and I cherish the moments we shared, but sometimes you just have to move on...a blissful divorce? She still stares at me with reproach from the street, I force myself to look away and blatantly stare at the new generation.It aint as if there hadnt been previous flings in the past, I am just bold enough to admit that itz time to move on...

August is a big month! Delaware, San Diego and Canada on the horizon. Huge decisions to be made, the feverish excitement of anticipation, dragonflies fluttering in the summer landscape of my mind, Givenchy-scented winds painting illusions in my dreams...Life is beautiful, if you accept it! I may not be fly but I try my best to float, navigating the currents of life with a subtle nonchalance borne out of faith in an unseen presence. I embrace the unpredictability of the next second, savoring the thrill like a child, therein lies the naivety and beauty of my personality...

"You can't tell a man's life from his footprints..."

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