Tuesday, July 20, 2010


July 20, 2010...Somewhere in Mahwah, NJ

July 17th was the turning point. Dunno if it was spontaneous or stimulated, but I made the decision. I need a new architect! It is easy to get carried away while traversing the shores of life...the regular rhythms of everyday life masquerading as a subtle sedative to numb the swift flow of time...

I gradually discovered that resurrecting old ideas is synonymous to painting with water...apparently there is no cemetery in our minds, the ideas quickly fade as if formatted by a lazy programmer...

For those who don't know me...I am often misunderstood. Reality is a projected dream, deja-vu or presque-vu? There is an invisible disconnection between the personalities we portray to the world and the real shadows lurking in our minds. I am a Nigerian, in case you haven't figured out yet...

Enough of the cryptic speech. Welcome to my scrambled thoughts. Intertwined somewhere between layers of abstract speech and reasoning, lies a flicker of logic. I'll speak the truth as I see it, feel free to remove the speck in my eye if you see any...

In the fabled words of a friend..." You can't tell a man's life from his footprints"


  1. Hmmmmm!this is really cryptic!
    Cant remove a speck in your eyes until I am thru with d log in mine!
    Has this anything to do with d movie or is it d artist in u prompting u to spin words as u deem it fit?
    We will see,i guess.

  2. Dude...thanks for the mind trip. It's like tryin' to 'unspin' a web, you don't. Just spin a new one.
    Will be sharing this.