Saturday, July 24, 2010

cK oNe

July 24, 2010

"Salt" was pretty spicy, few twists and turns got me engaged in the flow.Itz hard to ignore Angelina Jolie. Itz not just her facial features or physique, the woman just has a wild aura about her. Sensuality is natural to women, but few have the gift of channelling it the way Jolie does. She reminds me of Delilah, Samson did'nt stand a chance...

I always wondered how Adam felt the first time he set eyes on Eve. Was it love at first sight? Did he blink twice and wonder if he was dreaming? Why did he really eat the apple? Did he do it 'cos he was ready to sacrifice everything in order to please her? Love is a strange thing. Adam's weakness was his rib, Achilles wasn't a man and his heel still remains a myth...

What makes a dream different from reality? Ever slept with a new fragrance on your pillow? Soft, sensual and smooth...cK oNe

So I was lying in my bed, listening to music and dreaming...heard a loud bang! Kinda sounded like lightning, but the chords didnt sound right. I peeped out of my window, didnt see anything awry, so I switched back to floating with music from Maxwell...Phone rings, I skip downstairs to open the door and to my amazement, I encounter a circus in full flow.

The loud bang turned out to be my car taking a hit from an "alcohol-befuddled cop-impersonating woman". A wide range of emotions ran through my head...Sue her! New Car! Oops, I'm screwed! Punch her lights out!...At the end of it all, I just felt calm...It felt like a dream, and all the characters around me were projections...the scent of cK oNe was the only link to reality

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  1. hmmmmmm, see wetin perfume do u ehn...better sue her car wey we for de cruise when i arrive?? r u telling me my chasis license is for naught?? better sue her and get a Maybach(abi how dem de spell am) as replacement :D