Friday, December 17, 2010

Seasons Greetings

The year is winding down, gradually stuttering to an end. Itz been a beautiful and wonderful year for me, and eventful too! I am sitting in my office, almost everyone has gone home, listening to Coldplay & The Fray and reminiscing on the past months. How time flies...Started on a rough note but things kinda smoothened out as time went by, then there were a few bumps along the way, new additions to my life and I finally found what I had been searching for. Ah, 2010 will definitely leave alot of memories...

The things i'd always remember this yr:
1. Inception: definitely my movie of the year and my reawakening
2. cK One: Chaos
3. Camry: Tension.
4. Armani Code & Restroom Chronicles: Anticipation.
5. Victoria Secret: Discovery and the exhilaration.
6. La Fruta Prohibida: Penance and Letting Go.
7. Kyla: My Achilles heel.
8. Ottawa: Victory and Rebirth.
9. A'lima: Balance.
10. Music & Blues: Love & Surrender.

I am grateful to God for the gift of life, for my family, my wonderful friends and the numerous blessings!

Special shout out to followers of the blog, y'all rock! Seasons Greetings...

I may have one last entry before the year draws to an end...


  1. Who or what's kyla?
    What have you got to do with victoria's secret?

    Start spilling...

  2. Lol...Kyla is my niece!!!

    Victoria Secret? lol...

    Ur reference is numbre dix (wink wink)